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Single Barrel


A premium class Barbershop

(205) 582-2999

Name Origin

The name Single Barrel Barbershop has two meanings. It is a symbol of our heritage and our aspirations.

For its reliability and durability, for more than four centuries, if a man could only afford one gun, he chose the shotgun. With this tool, he could both feed his family and protect them and his livestock from would be attackers. The single barrel shotgun is the original. This is a symbol of our working class roots.

Single barrel whiskey is a premium class of whiskey in which each bottle comes from an individual barrel, instead of coming from blending various barrels to provide uniformity in color and taste. These whiskeys are considered perfect from the start. We aspire to be the best barbershop in town. Undiluted, pure and one of a kind.


Hair Care

All of our barbers are trained and licensed here in Jefferson County. Applying a traditional barbering approach to the modern man’s needs, is our call to arms.

A combination of well honed skill and the use of premium men’s grooming products allows us to give you a service second to none.


$20 — 30 Minutes

Haircut &
Beard Trim

$25 — 30 Minutes

Haircut & Full
Beard Shaping

$35 — 1 Hour

Beard Only

$10 — 15 Minutes

Simple Shave

$20 — 30 Minutes

Razor Shave

$30 - 30 Minutes

Head Shave

$25 — 30 Minutes

Hair Wash

$10 — 15 Minutes


Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide you, the customer, a “Top Shelf” experience from the time you walk in to the time you leave! When you walk in Single Barrel Barbershop we want you to feel warm, welcomed and relaxed. We are dedicated to taking the time to make you look and feel your very best!


Matt Folker

I’ve always gravitated towards the arts. Visual art and music consumed my interests as a young adult. As I was sitting in a barber chair in 2006, the spark of a new possible career was ignited. To become a barber has been one of the best decisions of my life. I feel very lucky to have found something that allows me to combine my love of people and my need to work with my hands.

I began my career at the Southside Barbershop. After five years, I was hired as an instructor at Alabama State College of Barber Styling, where I taught for two years. In 2013 I began working a chair at a barbershop in Mountain Brook. In November of 2018 the doors of the Single Barrel Barbershop were opened.

I love what I do and feel blessed to get to serve those who sit in my chair.


Joey Folker

Coming from a middle class family I worked in several different jobs. I would wake up to start my day with dread and wanting my day to already be over. As I was sitting and waiting to get a haircut one day I noticed how happy, not only the barber was, but also the gentleman getting his hair cut.

At that point I saw an opportunity that would give me, not only the means to have a job, but the means to be happy. This job gives me the opportunity to make people feel good about themselves. I quickly enrolled in the Alabama State College of Barber Styling.

Upon completion of barber college I worked in a barbershop in the Fultondale area for almost two years. About a year and a half ago my brother and I started talking about opening up a barbershop.

Through wonderful investors and a lot of prayer Single Barrel Barbershop has come to fruition. I look forward to serving the Homewood community with “Top Shelf” service.


Brandon Madison

No matter where I’ve lived, I’ve always considered Alabama to be my home. During my early 20’s, I took in all that this amazing place had to offer, and developed a real and lasting love for Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

In 2006, I left my “Sweet Home” to join the US Navy, where I served as an avionics technician and recruiter until 2014. After separating from the Navy, I immediately returned home to begin my life as a civilian. I studied psychology at Liberty University over the next couple of years, but never felt a true calling to that field.

After a random conversation with a young lady while she was giving me a haircut, I decided to look into barbering as a profession. Two weeks later, I was enrolled at the Alabama State College of Barber Styling and on my way to discovering a true passion for this industry. Upon graduation, I was invited by Matt and Joey to be a part of Single Barrel Barbershop.

I’m so humbled and blessed to be part of this team and surrounded by the talent in this shop. I look forward to serving this community for years to come!


Chris Elias

I have always been into hair. I would spend a great amount of time perfecting my look in the bathroom. This attention to detail inevitably led me to the purchase of my first straight razor in college. I was immediately hooked.

I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and completely four memorable years of baseball at Miles College in 2018.

Upon my departure from Miles, I quickly enrolled into the Alabama college of Barber. There I learned to primarily cut ethnic hair so I could accommodate anyone that walks through the door.

I am extremely passionate about this art/profession and I’m prepared to perform for the rest of my life.

Rob Rice

I knew growing up, the way I wore my hair was always important to me. I tried to make what ever haircut I was rocking at the time to be the main focal point of my style. But I never felt as good or confident, the moment I stepped out of an actual barber's chair. The way I felt I'll never forget: cool, sharp, and with a positive mind set. I hope to try and make every person I have sit in my chair experience it. 

When I graduated barber college in 2018, I started off cutting hair in Vestavia then came here to Single Barrel in June 2019. I love being able to stand up while I work and to create with my hands. It's makes for a tough grind but hands down the most satisfying and fulfilling job I could have ever imagined of doing. 

I cant wait for the many more years of meeting people and triming hair!


What our clients say


(205) 582-2999

8:30 - 5:30 Tues - Fri

8:30 - 4:00 Sat
1830 29th Ave South Ste 140
Homewood, AL 35209

Free Parking

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Photography by Andrew Glass